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A balanced breakfast makes for a better morning, and it plays an important role in the overall quality of your diet and your day. Eating a healthy morning meal helps your body function at its best, both physically and mentally. To better understand the positive benefits a healthy breakfast has on your body in the morning, you also need to consider the consequences of skipping breakfast.

By eating a healthy breakfast in a positive way, we’re sending a message to ourselves that we respect our bodies, want to take care of our health and wellbeing, and that we deserve to enjoy a good life.

The importance of a healthy breakfast
Many people underestimate the value of breakfast. They may only have a glass of juice or a cup of
coffee and eat nothing at all. However, research has shown that this type of routine is not the best
habit to get into. Eating a substantial meal within the first few hours of waking up is much healthier
for you and your child. It’s important for kids to have breakfast every day, but what they eat in the
morning is crucial too. Choosing breakfast foods that are rich in whole grains, fiber, and protein
while low in added sugar may boost kids’ attention span, concentration, and memory — which they
need to learn in school. Research also has shown that kids who eat breakfast get fiber, calcium, and
other important nutrients.